Startup Utsav

The gap between students and startups is quite big and seems

to be ever increasing. In today’s day and age we can probably

say that becoming an entrepreneur is the “cool thing” to do

and a lot of students are heading towards that side by starting

up their own companies at a young age. Yet, we see that not

everyone is successful at it and that is because entrepreneurs

need to constantly evolve themselves and keep up with the

pace of the world and that is easier said than done.

The Startup Utsav that is being conducted by Startup Carnival

is here to take a small initialization in their effort to bridge the

gap between students and companies, they are going to

provide a platform for students to launch their companies to lift

their ideas and see it become a reality and to do this, few of the

steps they will take are to try and get investments to startups

and also give expert advices from experienced experts and mentors.

Few of the events that’ll be conducted are

Power talks :

As humans we all need inspiration at sometime or the other

and who better to get it from than people who have already

walked the path and succeeded at it. Here, various experts will

share their journey through their best and worst moments and

share their idea as to what inspired them and what keeps them

inspired to start and keep continuing on this tiring journey of theirs .


Students can have one to one interaction with mentors and

clarify any doubts they have about their ideas, the future of the

idea and so on. It will be an experience that the students will

cherish and gain a lot from

Idea Pitching:

This is where things get interesting. Students can write and

submit their startup ideas and if selected will get the funding

and investment from various mentors and companies for them

to have a start in the industry. Also selected students will get a

chance o pitch their idea in front of 10k people at the August fest.

This technical fest will not only be too geeky but also fun there

because to keep all sets of people entertained there will be

other activities like selfie contest, SCL promo events and several

other things amidst a few. The winners will get passes to Tech

Fest, Startup Cricket League, RoboFest. The other participants

will be awarded a certificate, SC Swag and a few vouchers.

Student Startup Awards

Inviting Young Entrepreneurs for Startup Awards.

Best Startup Idea

Young Entrepreneur

Best Student Startup and Many more.

So, please join in and do not miss the opportunity to get to

know few of the secrets as to what makes a startup a world

changing company and how a student with an idea can

revolutionize a whole generation of people.

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