Osmania University

B.Com 2nd Year (Y.W.S)

R Data Base Management System  Important Question Unit wise


1.Discuss in detail about the database management system architecture with neat diagram?

2.Explain the different types of data model in detail with suitable examples?

3.Explain the different types of keys used in DBMS discuss about database users and administrator?

4.Describe the components of E-R diagram with example?(Ex:Library management system,Hospital management system any example they may ask )        


1.Discuss the fundamental operation in relational algebra operation with suitable example.

2.Explain the following with suitable example
   i.integraty constraints
   ii.distributed and client server databases

3.what are aggregate functions?Discuss with example,the various aggregate functions used in SQL?

4.with relevant example discuss their following in SQL?


1.what is normalisation?explain INF,2NF,3NF and BCNF with suitable example.

2.Discuss on two phase locking protocol and time based protocol in detail?

3.Explainnonloss decomposition and functional dependencies with suitable example

4.Discuss how schema refinement an improve schemes obtained through ER design


1.Explain different forms of serializability?

2.state and explaining detail about three concurrency problems?

3.exaplin in detail about different locking protocols in detail

4.why is recovery needed?Discuss any two recovery technique?


1.Describe the different types of files organization?Explain using a sketch of each of them with their advantages and disadvantages ?

2.Explain the various complex selection predictes and sorting operation with an example?

3.Discuss in detail about the different RAID levels?

4.Illustrate the purpose of indexing.how indexing can be done by B+ tree Explain ?

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