NGN Summit 2017Converging Innovation Regarding Telecom, IOT, ICT

What is NGN Summit 2017?

NGN Summit 2017:- With the unprecedented sophistication and diversity of communication technologies, the world irrespective of the location, cultural diversity, political divergence etc is bringing all human races under one roof of ICT. Today there is no barrier to knowledge sharing and technology promotion. Thanks to the broadband services, even the remotest part of the world which is not Motorable can be well connected with a high-speed information highway. My “Boy Next Door” is the syndrome of the generation where parents at remote villages are making video calls to their kids studying or working overseas.

This summit has a unique strategic focus that reveals Next-Generation Networks not as a resource burden, but a foundation for economic viability and quality of life. In particular, we bring together top-notch case studies to share on capability development for sustainable development and growth opportunities that NGN can offer. “Convergence World” with shrinking differences, disappearing virtual borders, making the globe a virtual marketplaces not just for cutting edge technology products, but even for a conventional earthly product from a remote rural place. The NGN Summit will be taking place at Hyderabad, India from 13th February until 15th February 2017. The industry leaders from diverse continents will converge to discuss, deliberate and showcase their innovations that can disrupt the way the world operates today

Who is likely to attend?

CXO’s of Various Telecom Service Providers, Telecom IT companies
• Telecom Authorities of Government Agencies
• Telecom Operators
• Integrators and Suppliers
• VAS Developers
• Wireless Device Manufacturers
• Telecom Equipment Vendors
• Optical Equipment Vendors
• Software Developers and Testers
• Mobile Phone Manufacturers
• Product Specialists
• Networking Equipment Vendors
• OSS and BSS Providers
• Business and Finance Managers
• Technology Leaders and Innovators
• Venture Capitalists
• Cyber Specialists
• Technology Incubators
• SDN Specialists

Five Key Themes for the NGN Summit 2017!

  Innovations for NGNs

  Intelligent VAS Services

  Network and Mobile Security

  Internet of Things – Big Opportunity

  The 5G Revolution – The future takes shape.


Next Generation Networks Summit 2017 (NGN Summit 2017)
Join for thought-provoking sessions from experts delivering the future vision for NGN Technologies

Next-Generation VAS
•  Big Data and Analytics
•  Next Generation Broadband for All
•  Building Convergence Communications
•  Wireless Broadband to Reshape the world
• ICT and IoT
• Mobile Security Innovations
• Innovations Driving Force for NGN
• Legislation, Institution and Policy Regulations
• New World Order of Business Opportunities

Summit Venue

Hyderabad International Convention Center,India


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