MAGISTECH 2016 6th edition

MAGISTECH 2016 ,the sixth edition is the event organised by the ISTE Students Chapter- MGIT.This National event is aimed to provide a platform for the Engineering students to interact and share their ideas with other students across the country.


1.PPT- Paper presentation 

Magistech 2016-Paper related to all branches of engineering are invited
Registration fee: (team max of 2)
ISTE members- 150/- per team
Non- ISTE members-200/- per team
For further details contact:
Rithin- 8977472916
Prudhvi- 9666482066
Sai krishna- 9959328539


Magistech 2016-Words will “puzzle” you, the thirst for hunt leads you to a tech treasure!!

Round1: word puzzle
Round2:Treasure Hunt
Registration fee: 50/- per team of 2
For further details contact:
Krishna- 9966331997
Deeksha- 8712808472
Neeharika- 9492723596


Events :-

Magistech 2016

1.All terrain
2.Maze runner
Registration fee:
200/- per event
350/- for 2 events
For further details contact:
Pavan raju- 9000499948
Arun- 9700034193
Maha laxmi- 8885051703


Magistech 2016-Crack the paper to design a circuit

Round1. Screening test
Round2. Design circuits on breadboard
Registration fee: 50/- per head
For further details contact:
Rakesh- 8096937729
Madhuri- 8520847777


Magistech 2016-Using a snap as clue, figure the correct answer.

Registration fee: 30/- per head
For further details contact:
Nilesh- 9849783856
Nikshith- 9059288820


Magistech 2016-ASSEMBLE AND LAUNCH Bored of paper rockets? It’s time for water rockets. Come, design,assemble and launch your dream rocket with the materials provided(bottles,foam cardboards etc) Rocket launching centre : BB court. Registration fee : Rs.100 for a team of 2

No spot registrations
For further details contact:
Apoorva- 9676884852
Sowmya- 9700272977


Magistech 2016-Given a piece of code and complete the rest of it!

Round 1: Technical quiz
Round 2: completion of code for the given code.
Registration fee:50/- per team of 2
For further details contact:
Priya- 8885840408
Madhu- 8374151515


Magistech 2016-All the crossroads meet the questions…catchup the answers. Lead your way to victory!

Registration fee: 50/- per team of 2
For further details contact:
Pranav- 9542991171
Vivek- 9704641790
Deekshita- 7386878388


Magistech 2016-Round1:Given a piece of code need to identify a real time application

Round2:Given a small real time application need to write the code
Registration fee:50/- per team of 2
for further details contact:
Varun- 8008946619
Aishwarya- 8978709955


Magistech 2016-Blurred images…Jammed sessions! That will lead your way techies!!

Round1: Blurred picture (10 seconds for each picture)
Round2: JAM
Registration fee: 30/- per head
For further details contact:
Priyanka- 9652132759
Roopa- 72078 91204
Swetha- 9502843593


Magistech 2016-Enact the given technical words and give the word to your team with your action!

Registration fee: 60/- per team of 3!
For further details contact:
Charan- 9493433394
Govardhan- 9963737561


Magistech 2016-100 sticks with a cup of glue can take you to the victory! Just form a 2D Truss and let the weights bare them. The more weight it bares the greater is the chance to win!

Registration fee: 100/- per team of 3.
For further details contact:
Sanjeev- 9032177430
Mythri- 9000943094


Magistech 2016-Narrate your “Vocabulary” with the “story” behind the pictures.

Round1: A pic and a word is given. Relate them and write.
Round2: 4 pics-1 story. Within less time create a story using the four pics.
Registration fee: 30/- per head.
For further details contact:
Harshith- 9299009557
Aishwarya- 7893850052

& many more spot events!!!


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