Inbound Hack Day – Talent Showcase Workshop on Inbound Marketing

Every small and big company, Brands looking SEO, Social Media talents to promote their business in Digital Media. All you need to have creative thinking and passion for exploring new marketing ideas.

Attend Inbound Hack Day & Prepare Marketing Strategy on own ideas. Will showcase your pitches to the digital marketing community.

The Inbound Hack Day workshop contains learning & team activities such as Finding below:-

Knowledge on SEO Tools, Regular Assignments, Industry Updates, Case Studies, Campaign Ideas, etc.

1) To Connect like-minded people & form as a team.
2) To Work on passionate ideas & validate with domain experts.
3) To Create marketing strategy & update in your LinkedIn profile.

People can start the discussion on one topic and take the initiative to be the moderator for some time and lead the team discussion.

Attendees will have to choose from a set of themes given to them

1.Lifestyle ( Food, Education, Health, etc.)
2. Entertainment (Movies, Sports, etc.)
3. Social Cause (anti-corruption, water pollution, etc. )
4. E-commerce ( Marketplace, Shopping, etc. )
5. Startup ideas ( Product, Platform, etc. )

In this whole session, you will get the nice opportunity for preparing a strategy on your thoughts with similarly interested people as a team & showcasing in front of all event attendees.

Only 25 Seats for “Inbound Hack Day” Apply for Workshop Invitation @

For more details call @ Inbound Hack Day – Chakri – 9985032005

STORY – Inbound Hack Day

Inbound Hack Day brings you the opportunity to connect your passion with digital marketing industry.

It is a unique talent showcase workshop that helps students, professionals, job seekers enhance their skills in digital marketing strategy.

Think Out-Of-the-Box marketing strategies on the given theme with your own ideas.

Choose your preferred theme from the following:

Entertainment, E-Commerce, Social Cause, Product, Service

Acquire practical experience with us and get set enter the real market.

At the end of the workshop, candidates will be awarded certificates of participation.

Have a great experience with Inbound Hack Day!


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